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When registering on this forum, you automatically confirm the following information: ADMINISTRATION IS ALWAYS RIGHT! 

 1. General rules:  
1.1. Ignorance or "non-reading" of forum rules does not absolve you from responsibility. The administration reserves the right to change the rules without notice. Additions and changes to the rules begin to operate from the time they are published. 
1.2. Many different people gather at the forum. Therefore, sometimes with particularly heated arguments, it does not hurt to end your opinion with this phrase "All of the above is my IMHO." which means" In My Humble Opinion "." Do not impose your opinion on other people.
1.3. In the forum messages are allowed ONLY IN English. It is not recommended to write messages in other languages.
 1.4. The forum allows and is welcome: - for discussion in the appropriate forum. 
Raise old topics, if they do not fully disclose the question of interest to him or you have additions. - Maintaining discussion, sharing experiences, providing interesting information, etc. - Users are allowed to edit their messages within 20 minutes of posting. 
Registration:  Registration opens for the users of the forum have a lot of useful opportunities, creating topics in forums, the appearance of your own signature, avatar, etc. Only registered users have the right to participate in discussions.
It is forbidden to register meaningless nicknames (like 56y39ge45), it is also forbidden to use obscene words, website addresses, e-mail addresses, etc. in the nickname. As a nickname, you must use your real name. 
2.2. Double registration (registration under two or more nicknames) and capture of nicknames (registration of nicknames for the purpose of preventing their use by others) is forbidden.
2.3. While registering in the forum, you must use your real e-mail id & active mobile number. In case of using a fake or one-time e-mail Id or an inactivate mobile number, the administrator has the right to remove you from the forum.  

3.At the forum, it is strictly forbidden:  
3.1. Create subjects that have already been discussed on the forum and duplicate topics (post the same messages in different sections of the forum). If a similar topic has already been created by someone else, ask the question in it. 
3.2. Create themes that have in the title CAPITAL LETTERS or decorations like "== - My theme is ==", "Look here" or a meaningless set of letters like "sdfiohjoiesnoi" and the like. Create themes with a little informative name.
3.3. Rude, obscene expressions and insults in any form - messages that are rude in tone, containing "arrivals". At the forum categorically not allowed rough mate and obscene (abusive) expressions! If there is a need to publish a rough or rough word, use the symbols **, @, etc. 
3.4. Use as the name or its elements the addresses of sites, servers or their elements, as well as obscene expressions and words. Use in the links to the following sites and resources, Instagram 
3.5. Create Forum/ topics & messages containing any advertising, anti-advertising, or commercial information, as well as links to websites in order to increase their attendance. The exception is the  Private forum of admin." It is forbidden to place advertisements and advertising links in the signatures of user profiles.  It also prohibits advertising created on the forum topic in other people's branches. This will be treated as SPAM. Administrators and moderators have the right to remove both self-promotion and SPAM, and ban the IP addresses of particularly persistent "advertisers". Determine whether this is advertising or not by moderators and administrators at their discretion.
3.6. Use obscene or abusive words as a status or a signature, as well as unreliable or questionable information. For example, write in the status of "Moderator", when in fact you are not such. (The size of the signature should be no more than THREE lines and should contain no more than ONE picture or smile).
3.7. It is not allowed to mention any company name in the discussion to criticize or promote their service or business, 
 3.8. It is not allowed to discuss in the open the actions of moderators. If you do not like something in the actions of the moderator, write to someone from the moderators of the forum, or create a topic in the "Book of complaints and suggestions."
3.9. Personal correspondence. For messages that are personal and interesting only to the sender and recipient of such messages.
 3.10. Publish by * nographic materials. 
3.11. Publish photos with any company logo or names. 
4. Recommendations for users:
4.1. When creating a new topic, make sure that the "Subject" field clearly indicates the subject of the message. For example, the "Subject" field has the form "Help!" or "Question" is extremely uninformative. In this case, the topic can be called more precisely, which will help you find the maximum number of participants who would be interested in this topic.
 4.2. Over-quoting is not welcome. If you want to reply to a large message with a small phrase, you do not have to completely cite the original message, select only the most important part of it.
4.3. It is not welcome to refer to other forums and other information sources without special needs. So, for example, if you want to point to a couple of paragraphs written on another site, do not give a link "about this written here", you can just quote these paragraphs by quoting and at the end indicate the source of information.
 4.4. Criticism on the forums should meet specific requirements: minimum of emotions and maximum of facts.
 4.5. Try not to use jargon in your posts, because not everyone understands it.
4.6. Try not to write groundless statements that "it" is better, but "it" is worse.  If this is your personal opinion, do not forget to inform me about it in advance, a simple IMHO will be enough. Remember that after a few unauthorized statements, users simply will not trust you.
 4.7. Before asking your question, make sure that it corresponds to the topic of the section. 4.8. If you accidentally post the same message twice in the forum, you do not need to write on the forum the third message of phrases like "I'm sorry, I posted it twice" or "Something's buggy-delete me." Moderators and without your hints will guess to remove the repetition.

5. Discussion of the actions of the administration:  - In case you do not agree with the actions of the administrator or moderator of the forum, do not arrange a public showdown. All questions can be solved through an e-mail. - If you think that the topic was unfairly closed, contact privately to the moderator, indicate the reason for the topic to be reopened. - If you are sure that the moderator exceeds his authority, contact the administrator.

The organizers of the forum are not responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of the information published on the forum. And also for the behavior of the forum participants, although they will make every effort to comply with these rules.  To violators of rules and recommendations measures will be applied, up to ban. The decision to punish the offender is taken by the administration of the conference - the moderators, the administrator.  Do not forget to read the ads and follow the rules of each forum separately.   Thank you for your attention! And Welcome to Our Forum! Have a nice chat and relax on the forum!  With Respect Administration.

Acknowledgment while registration

Although administrators and moderators of this forum try to remove or edit inappropriate messages as quickly as possible, all messages can not be viewed. Thus, you acknowledge that the messages on these forums reflect the views of their authors, and not the administration of the forums (except for messages posted by its representatives), and the administration can not be responsible for their content.
You agree not to post abusive, threatening, slanderous messages, pornographic messages call for national hatred, and other messages that may violate relevant laws. Attempts to post such messages may lead to your immediate disconnection from the forums (and your provider will be notified). The IP addresses of all messages are saved for the possibility of such a policy. You agree that the forum administrators have the right to remove Edit, move or close any topic at any time at your discretion. As a user, you agree that the information you enter will be stored in the database. Although this information will not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties without your permission, the administration of the forums can not be responsible for the actions of hackers, which can lead to unauthorized access to it.

These forums use cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies do not contain any information from the information you entered and serve only to improve the quality of the forums. Your e-mail address is used only to confirm your registration and password (and to send a new password if you forget the current one).  By clicking on the registration button you confirm your agreement with these terms and with the Rules of Conduct and communication on the forum.

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