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How do you entertain children while travelling?

Are you jetting off along with your children? Are you upset about keeping your child engaged for the hours while they will wrap in their seats? You are not alone. While many of us look forward to a holiday with our children, studying the art of flying with kids is necessary.

Many of us heard the stories of restless kids who make flying a nightmare for their parents and co-passengers. Here you can find the effective methods to engage your child on the flight. These games and activities will help you to keep your child happy and entertained on the flight, which gives you and your co-passengers a peaceful travel experience.

Magnetic Games

Carry some magnetic travel games for your aeroplane activity. Kids can play games like ludo, bingo, tic tac toe, chess, Brain Training Mind Game and checkers during the flight journey. These games are magnetic pieces and stick to the board, making it easier to keep track of mid-flight. These are compact enough to carry-on hand luggage. Magnetic board games are an excellent option for flights, as they're magnetic and can help you keep the pieces together, and there are many fun options to choose from.

iPad Games

Load some of your children's favourite games to take along with you for a flight journey. The Familiar tablet games make kids feel right at home. Kids can play their games while you read a book or even take a nap.

Colouring Books and Crayons

Colouring books are a classic no-fail way to entertain your kids during a flight. When your children aren't with you, buy colouring books before your trip to increase their interest when they see them on the plane.

Choose colouring books with your kid's favourite topics, which they will enjoy for a long time. Also, get a new set of markers, crayons, or coloured pencils in a portable carrying case. Keep the pencils sharpened in advance to make the activity easier.

Miniature Toys

 It isn't easy to carry all of your children's favourite toys, so you can find a miniature version to carry along with you. You can find a small version of Etch-A-Sketch, Simon game, stuffed animals, mini cars etc.

New Toys

 Get some new toys to take on your flight, but hide them from your kids before taking off. Pick something you know your child will love, don't have to be expensive. The toy options include a vehicle, a new play dough set, a superhero figure, a jewellery kit, a lacing activity, a Lego set etc.


 You can visit the bookstore or library with your kids to make a new selection of books they would like to read on the flight. The trick is to hold off on letting your child read them until the flight. Changing the activities from playing games to reading books and back to games will make them forget they are stuck on a flight for hours.

Audio Books

 Recorded stories as audio storybooks are another way to get some quiet time out of your children while your journey on the plane. Podcasts are another great option for older children, which can download on an iPad or another MP3 player.

Card Games

Pack playing cards like UNO, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, and Canasta for fun on the plane and at the hotel. Many versions of playing cards incorporate your favourite board games into card games. Monopoly and Yahtzee also can be added to your favourites.

Pen and paper games

 A simple pen and paper can go a long way on an aeroplane and can be more entertaining and versatile. There are plenty of game options you can choose from tic-tac-toe to dots and boxes. You can even be inventive and create your own game. The best thing about pen and paper games is that they won't add weight to your luggage and may also give the adults a nostalgic feeling.

Memory games

 Memory games tend to be very interactive, and you can incorporate concepts from your vacation like 'things you want to do, places you'd like to see at your destination etc. You can consider this type of memory game if you're looking for something fun to do on a flight.

 Word games

A word and language game can be ideal for playing to learn some local words and phrases, the names of various places, and local foods for your language game and to have a little fun with whomever you might be travelling with focusing on.


Take or download a few favourites or a new movie they haven't seen yet to a portable DVD player or pre-loaded laptop or tablet. This can surprise them and gives a customized viewing experience while kids trapped in their seats.

Activity books

Pack activity book with various activities such as colouring pages, mazes, word puzzles, hidden pictures, or stickers. You might also consider specific activities like spelling, the alphabet, reading,  handwriting, fractions, geometry, geography, dinosaurs and daffodils to pixies and pets or any other area your child is interested in. Keep an activity book like stickers, colouring, simple puzzles, mazes, crosswords etc., handy.

  Airline Entertainment

Many airlines now offer Internet access during the flight. Flight Wi-Fi can help your kids to play games online. Some airlines give kids small toys to play with on board. Few airlines offer video screens that feature cartoons. Many pilots will invite children into the cockpit pre- or post-flight.

 Puzzles book

There is a wide range of puzzle books you can choose from, but make sure to choose age-appropriate ones. Mixed puzzle books are a good idea for both kids and adults, as these often include a variety of puzzle types at different levels of difficulty. You'll also be able to use your puzzle books when you get to your destination!


The best way to prepare for this activity of quizzes is to buy a book filled with quiz questions or create your own. Quizzes are an attractive flight game option if you travel with a group.  For younger kids, purchasing quiz books specifically for their age group will help you better keep their interest.

 Games on a phone or tablet

Download entertaining apps and games on your phone or tablet, but ensure they can still play, while your phone is in aeroplane mode. For younger kids, many educational and fun apps keep them occupied. Also, a few apps and games for your family.

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