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What can you do in this part of the world? I am very glad to answer!

 To know what you can do in this part of the world? 

    Visit the Baltic nations - Located on the eastern coast of the Baltic sea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are not filled with the crumbling and decrepit old buildings you might imagine. In fact, Estonia is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world. The landscape is filled with rolling hills, stunning coastlines, and iridescent lakes. They have a rich baroque history in towns like Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius too.

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 Head to Poland - Poland, like most of Europe, has had its fair share of suffering in the 20th century. The latter half of the century saw first the Nazis and then Soviets occupying the country. (Click here to read our post about Auschwitz). Gdansk (formerly Danzig) is where the Baltic sea stops, and you can visit the Main Town that was rebuilt after World War II or admire the 17th-century Neptune fountain with a bronze statue of the god. Wave your goodbyes to the Baltic and inland to Poland’s capital, Warsaw where you have a plethora of landmarks and tourist spots to choose from - The Royal Castle, Old Town, and Lazienki Palace are some of the more famous spots. From there travel down to Krakow immerse yourself in the food and folklore. The Rynek Underground museum is one place to visit if the supernatural intrigues you or explore the world’s oldest salt mines. Alternatively, you can visit the Auschwitz Museum.

   Take a bus to Prague - Climb the hill that houses Prague Castle for a breathtaking view of the city with its tall spires, red-tiled roofs, and the Charles Bridge that crosses the Vltava River.

        Take another bus to Brno - Come into contact with authentic Czech life in this Moravian town. Much like Prague and sans the herds of tourists, Brno is home to the baroque Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul and the Moravian Karst, a nature reserve with over 1000 caves to explore!

    Hop on a train to Vienna - A mere two hours away from Brno, the Austrian capital perched on the Danube River, will dazzle you with its artistic and intellectual heritage that was forged by the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, and Freud. The historic summer lodgings of the Hapsburgs and the Imperial palaces and the MuseumQuartier are stunning places to visit.

      Go to Budapest - The Hungarian capital was created when the little towns of Buda, Pest, and Óbuda were unified in 1873. The city is cleaved by the Danube River and the Chain Bridge connects the elevated Buda to Pest. Take a stroll through Trinity Square and marvel at turrets of the Fisherman's Bastion or the 800-year-old Matthias Church. You can trace the city history from the times of the Roman Empire at the Budapest History Museum.

  Venture into Transylvania - This centrally located region is home to the world’s most intriguing legend, Count Dracula, and possibly the most idyllic landscape in all of Europe. Bran Castle - it’s a colossal fortress- is open to visitors and lies on the border with Wallachia. The fortress was where the man who inspired Dracula lived. Vlad Tepes III was a Wallachian prince of the 15th century who belonged to the Order of the Dragon. He was a brutal man skilled at the Turkish method of impaling.  Dracul is Romainian for ‘dragon’ or ‘devil’. His father was often called Dracul and so Vlad became the son of Dracul or Dracula. So, journey into the land of the Count if you dare.

     Many travelers head up to Kyiv or Kiev in Ukraine from Romania before making their way back down through Odesa to Constanta and Bucharest in Romania. They continue to Sofia in Bulgaria then Thessaloniki in Greece before reaching the final destination of Athens! This list represents only a sliver of the places you can visit in Eastern Europe. There is so much to do and see in Eastern Europe that is nigh impossible to make it one trip! The journey from the Baltic nations to Bulgaria would require 6 weeks if done properly. But we promise you it will make for fantastic memories.



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